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Cities have tremendous energy demands. UrbanAI uses ML to analyze and optimize your urban energy projects.


UrbanAI uses ML to analyze and process urban data related to energy production and utilization.Special attention is also given on urban phenomena such as heat islands and microclimatic effects.AI/ML methods and tools are applied to better understand the related governing processes assimilating:

  • site data
  • numerical models
  • subject-matter expertise and domain-science knowledge

UrbanAI aims to expand the use of renewable energy resources in urban settings.Special focus is given to the geothermal energy use for heating and cooling.Our project will on the utilization of data and modeling results generated under the UIFL (Urban Integrated Field Laboratory) projects funded by the US Department of Energy (DOE).We are colaborating under this project with the New Mexico State University.UrbanAI is a project funded by the DOE SBIR program.

UrbanAI will be deployed as a Software-as-a-Service on the cloud. Tiered licensing and customer support options will be available.API's to public and proprietary datasets will be provided.UrbanAI frontend will include data management and visualization tools. The backend will provide access to cloud-computing resources for AI/ML analyses and interpretation.UrbanAI will include tools for sensitivity, uncertainty, and decision analyses. Near-real-time data assimilation and model updating will be available. Access to actionable information will be provided to the users through IoT devices and phone apps.

Please contact us for licensing information, commercial support, and consulting.