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GeoML allows you to explore the subsurface with depth and detail.


GeoML uses cutting-edge science-informed AI/ML methods and tools to help to analyze and process data charecterzing geologic reservoirs.

GeoML can be applied to facilitate geologic engineering projects throughout their cycles. From initial exploration to development and utilization.

GeoML supports alternative geologic reservoirs uses: energy extraction, energy storage, waste disposal, carbon sequestration, oil & gas production, water supply, rear-earth mineral extraction, and in-situ mining.

Geologic reservoirs are critical for our society and its economy. Our commercial product allows you to explore the subsurface with depth and detail, giving your project the certainty it needs to succeed.

GeoML will be deployed as a Software-as-a-Service on the cloud. Tiered licensing and customer support options will be available.

Please contact us for licensing information, commercial support, and consulting.