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AI-PREDICT aims to predict earthquakes and subsurface deformation events.


AI-PREDICT applies ML to analyze and process seismic data.

AI-PREDICT aims to predict earthquakes and deformation events based on the available seismic data.

Understanding the stress dynamics of geologic formations and the effect geologic engineering activties on induced seismicity is at the heart of a wide variety of subsurface projects.

These include geothermal energy extraction, energy storate, waste disposal, carbon sequestration, oil & gas extraction, and hydraulic fracturing.

AI-PREDICT will be deployed as a Software-as-a-Service on the cloud.Tiered licensing and customer support options will be available. API's to public and proprietary datasets will be provided.AI-PREDICT frontend will include data management and visualization tools. The backend will provide access to cloud-computing resources for AI/ML analyses and interpretation.AI-PREDICT will include tools for sensitivity, uncertainty, and decision analyses.Near-real-time data assimilation and model updating will be available. Access to actionable information will be provided to the users through IoT devices and phone apps.

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