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AIPredict's AI/ML software and our services help solve problems involving earthquake prediction and deformation events.

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Experts + AI/ML for


Envitrace provides you with experts and AI/ML software for earthquake prediction.



  • Monthly or annual subscription to GeoTGo software with the following features:
    • Define a geographic region anywhere in the world to analyze for earthquake prediction.
    • Obtain data maps of the region showing features essential for earthquake prediction.
    • Obtain plots showing a desired feature or the relationship between features.
    • Ability to upload your own data for inclusion in the analysis.
  • Support in the form of online tutorials and written documentation.


  • All features of the GeoTGo plan, plus:
    • Dedicated access to Envitrace's team of earthquake experts.
    • Our team will provide detailed guidance on AIPredict software use.
    • We will work hand in hand with you and your team for the duration of your project, tailoring our services to your goals.
    • Unlimited compute costs for the duration of your project.
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Why AI?


Describe some of the difficulties encountered when solving these types of problems or some of the issues with trying to solve them with traditional methods. Be specific.

Describe how the product overcomes these difficulties or shortcomings and how the customer benefits from these features. Be specific.

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State that the product can play a crucial role in the many phases of projects involving the topic it covers. (Include an infographic or screenshot of the software to the left).

Phase 1
Feature description.
Phase 2
Feature description.
Phase 3
Feature description.
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On the Cloud

Briefly describe where the customer can obtain the product and how they can use it.


AI-PREDICT applies ML to analyze and process seismic data.

AI-PREDICT aims to predict earthquakes and deformation events based on the available seismic data.

Understanding the stress dynamics of geologic formations and the effect geologic engineering activties on induced seismicity is at the heart of a wide variety of subsurface projects.

These include geothermal energy extraction, energy storate, waste disposal, carbon sequestration, oil & gas extraction, and hydraulic fracturing.

AI-PREDICT will be deployed as a Software-as-a-Service on the cloud.Tiered licensing and customer support options will be available. API's to public and proprietary datasets will be provided.AI-PREDICT frontend will include data management and visualization tools. The backend will provide access to cloud-computing resources for AI/ML analyses and interpretation.AI-PREDICT will include tools for sensitivity, uncertainty, and decision analyses.Near-real-time data assimilation and model updating will be available. Access to actionable information will be provided to the users through IoT devices and phone apps.

Please contact us for licensing information, commercial support, and consulting.