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We believe in the power of people, the power of science, and the power of technology.

Our team members have decades of experience creating methods and software that can solve complex environmental and earth-science problems.

Our AI/ML products and services provide solutions better, faster, and ultimately cheaper. We will work with you to create and refine solutions that fits your needs.



We are experts in AI/ML. Our AI/ML building blocks are open source to provide transparency and acceptability. They are designed to be deployed in the cloud and on the edge. Our methods and tools are used widely in our products and in the AI/ML field at large. In 2021, SmartTensors won two R&D 100 awards.

SmartTensors MADS


Our experience includes solving environmental and earth-science problems in geothermal, geologic reservoir engineering, induced seismicity, carbon sequestration, water management, wildfire, air quality analysis, and climate changes. We have developed several AI/ML products to address these challenges.



From renewable sources such as geothermal, wind and solar to traditional sources such as oil & gas, we have AI/ML methods and tools to address your project needs. We have developed several AI/ML products to address challenges related to energy production, storage, and utilization.



We specialize in water management, water supply, watershed hydrology, and water contamination. Our AI/ML products have been applied to characterize and predict contaminant transport and remediation.


Geologic Reservoirs

We develop science-informed ML methods and software for planning and optimizing geologic engineering projects. Our AI/ML product, GeoML, helps teams characterize and manage subsurface reservoirs.


Urban Development

We are working on an exciting new product: UrbanAI. This software will help cities and communities plan for the future by optimizing the designs of their energy infrastructure accounting for climate change impacts.



AI/ML solutions for: 

Our AI/ML software and services provide environmental and energy solutions for the 21st century.

Our AI/ML software provide solutions better, faster, and ultimately cheaper. We will work with you to create and refine solutions that fits your needs.

Our products are designed to be deployed in the cloud and on the edge. The are available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Tiered licensing, support and consulting is available for enterprise customers.

Awards & Grants

Envitrace and its products have been awarded significant grants and awards from the following organizations:



Our scientists are artists and our artists are scientists.

We pride ourselves on our ability to bring together the best of both worlds to create products that are beautiful and functional, with an understanding of the impact they have on the cultures in which they are used.

Our technology development is led by our co-founder and CTO, Dr. Velimir Vesselinov. He has over 40 years of theoretical and practical experience, including 23 years as a scientist at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico. He has been the Principal Investigator (PI) of a series of multi-million, multi-institution, and multi-year projects. He has developed more than 20 different software products. One of his AI/ML products recently received 2 R&D100 awards.

Tracy Kliphuis is the other co-founder and CEO of the company. She has over 20 years of experience managing various environmental programs and projects for the State of New Mexico. She is the PI of several of our current projects.

Our company also includes recognized PhD scientists and experts with extensive publication records and internationally recognized expertise.


Our work happens in communities.

We aim to never lose sight of the fact that our work is intricately connected to people and places.


Inclusivity and Equitability

Our company promotes inclusive and equitable research. For us, it is crucial to develop a company which is diverse, representative, and accessible to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. We aim to include in our work researchers with different cultural, racial, educational, socioeconomic, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, neurodiverse conditions, religious and philosophical beliefs, and life experiences. We work actively with members of underprivileged and underrepresented communities. Our company is a member of the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico and Women in Geothermal (WING). Our company credo is "Small Tech, Big Ideas, Diverse Minds: Innovate Together".

Community Engagement

Our company has created a community engagement plan (CEP). Developing a CEP is a comprehensive process that involves understanding the needs and preferences of diverse communities, setting clear objectives, and implementing strategies to foster meaningful connections and participation. Community engagement is an ongoing process that requires dedication and flexibility. Building trust and meaningful relationships with communities takes time, so patience and persistence is important. Our CEP has been developed by soliciting input from members and organizations associated with underprivileged and underrepresented communities, including Native American Nations and Tribes. We have contacted these groups and asked for their feedback on what they want to see in the CEP. We have also looked at the data on these groups and tried to understand their needs and challenges. These efforts have helped us develop a CEP tailored to these communities' specific needs. We believe this is important because it ensures that the CEP is relevant and effective for the people using it. Our CEP is living documents regularly updated to address needs and opportunities.

Land Acknowledgement

Our company acknowledges that the place now called Santa Fe, where our office is located, sits on unceded ancestral Tewa Land and is still recognized as O'gha Po'oge, meaning White Shell Water Place. We recognize that this land is just one piece of a larger, boundless terrain for Indigenous peoples that include the Nambe Pueblo, the Tewa, and the Jicarilla Apache. O'gha Po'oge was once a thriving Pueblo village, and their descendants include the modern-day Tewa people who still live in Santa Fe and the local Pueblos of Nambe, Pojoaque, San Ildefonso, Ohkay Owingeh, Santa Clara and Tesuque. We also recognize the violence, displacement, migration, and colonization that haunt this place. We understand we are now stewards of this land, responsible for the care of water, air, and each other. In addition, we pledge to donate a percentage of the profit from our commercial services developed under our R&D projects to a local non-profit organization supporting the education of Native American students.

Open Source and Data

Our company develops and maintains open-source software and data. We believe that open-source software and data are essential for the scientific research community. Especially in the field of AI/ML, where this is crucial for the development of new methods and the validation of existing ones. The AI/ML building blocks are open source also to provide transparency and acceptability. Our commercial software is built on top of these open-source building blocks. Demonstrative examples, test cases, and results are available to the public to ensure the reproducibility of our work. We also provide detailed documentation and tutorials to help users understand and use our software and data.

Research Community

We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community of research contributors and collaborators. We are working to create a scientific community that is welcoming and inclusive to all, regardless of background or identity. We are actively collaborating with minority-serving institutions and organizations to promote diversity and inclusion.


In 2023, the New Mexico Tech Council gave Envitrace a Flying 40 Award for its commitment to diversifying the local economy and creating a brighter future.


Trais Kliphuis, our co-founder and CEO, just received the Woman in Tech Honoree Award from the New Mexico Tech Council.

Woman in tech award

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Are you passionate about the ways people and technology can come together to change the world? You have come to the right place. We are looking for people with talent in the following areas, and we strongly believe that diversity makes us better.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
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